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My knee patella feeling pain because of too much playing football ,which end in patellar pointed up according to pain, it is not pain when walking , but painful when sit down, squat, bend the knees , think there are inflammation, this is what disease?Is it meniscus tear ? How to treat and remedy? What kind of medicine is better ? Please answer me, thank you.

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Your story is not a very typical patellar softening (patellar cartilage inflammation) performance, there may be other knee problems that need to be inspected. The knee is the ring by other causes, such as the patellar dislocation or subluxation and knee joint within the meniscus tear and meniscal injury situation, etc.

every night with towel hot compress. As far as possible aviod voilent movement, pay attention to rest, and keep warm. After a short time should be able to recover.

Because I couldn’t face the patient, can’t fully understand the illness of your knee patella pain , I suggest you to have the specialized subject hospital seeing orthopedics, had better do a of the knee joint nuclear magnetic resonance (MRI) and add the patellar axis a take a piece, make clear further cause to do the treatment.

Meniscus cartilage regeneration

 I had my knee sprain and torn my meniscus badly in May of this year,but I didn’t care much about it, just rest  for a period of time before back to sports again, and continue to campaign for a while , then went to the hospital have an examination, be diagnosis of  the posterior horn of the meniscus injury, and the effusion of knee joint, the doctor suggested that better have operation, I didn’t agree and hesitate, I am only 18 years old. After the doctor’s request, to take the medicine every day, medicated conservative treatment, after the 3 months to feel better, sometimes also can running slowly, but bend at the knee back” click ” noisy sometimes will hurt a little, but now I have been afraid to jump. This time I go to the hospital several times,but the doctor say that let me keep on. The doctor said I was not badly, I do not know this situation can be cured ? Can the meniscus cartilage regeneration


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Meniscus tear is consist of  three degrees. Without magnetic resonance film (MRI),I do not know the extent of your injury. If it is the light injury, there is a big chance of recovery. But generally speaking, more difficult to heal, or the time needed for healing is very long, may limit the activities of the time will be long. Mainly because of the major meniscus is no blood supply, the only nutritional just that little bit of joint capsule liquid. So it needs time to regeneration and heal,traditional chinese medicine can increase the regeneration and treat meniscus cartilage completely.While the meniscus injury is mainly caused by rolling motion. For example you injury, squatting when walking, is rolling, so will be very painful. A similar movement, have caused meniscus tear. This period of time must not be bent at the knee when doing exercise load. But the upright is harmless.

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Knee meniscus cartilage tear treatment

Knee meniscus cartilage tear

Because of the meniscus is belonging to no vascular soft tissue, once it got injury is difficult healing by normal treatment, the surgery is just suture the injury of meniscus , if the tear is serious, the torn meniscus must be resected.It is not necessary have the surgery when suffering no serious meniscal tear, if your injuries as long as it doesn’t affect your daily life and work, the conservative treatment is the best choice, the surgery does not have very good effect for the initial tear, after all the operation is also a regular failure, unless it seriously affect your normal life and work, then have a surgery,  but must remember that do not do too much sports, especially the intense exercise,have an external application of traditional Chinese medicine,the treatment for knee meniscus cartilage tear is better.

Knee meniscus cartilage tear picture

Knee meniscus cartilage tear picture

The treatment of meniscus cartilage tear reviews

  • I pasted the second evaluation after the plaster is received , it is really effective, I had my leg  is too heavy to lift, it was relaxed after the paste, felt some warm heating in the first day , there also some  slowly sinking warmth the next day, saying magic seems too mysterious, in total the effect is really very good.
  • The plaster is very good, the meniscus cartilage has good feeling in a few days, and there is no common cutaneous side effects,highly speaking of the plaster treatment.

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Can meniscus tear heal itself without surgery ?

The question about meniscus tear nonsurgical treatment and surgery treatment

I was identified of medial meniscus tear days ago, because it is a small tear on the outer edge of menisci, my doctor recommended me conservative treatment , but one another doctor suggested have a arthroscopic surgery ,I am very hesitant and don’t know what to do next,can meniscus tear heal itself without arthroscopic surgery ? do you all have any good suggestions ?Please tell me i would greatly appreciate it a lot.

meniscus tear and knee joint

meniscus tear and knee joint

The best answer for meniscus tear nonsurgical treatment and surgery treatment

  1. I read your above symptoms, and feel is affected by the trauma, but it is not specific enough, such as injury time, your age and so on.
  2. If you are young, I advise you not to have a surgery, the meniscus level 1 and level 2 degree signal would better not have a surgery, mainly due to  your injury history, how about your right hip flexor stretch, if the degree up to 90 degrees, there is no need to have a meniscus tear surgery.
  3. What about your walk condition, whether there is a knee locking when walking, and is the knee locking frequent ? Knee locking prevents the knee joint from either fully straightening or fully bending, if you don’t have knee locking symptom, or take a few stops or several months or even several years did not have this kind of phenomenon, it is not need have the arthroscopic surgery.
  4. If you just torn meniscus,it belongs to the acute phase, get more rest,keep the knee joint warm,use the hot towel on the knee before go to sleeping.To avoid weight-bearing and strenuous exercise,If crouch difficult not to mandatory squat,because of mandatory squat will aggravate your meniscal tear symptoms, the human body in the squat legs bear 3 to 6 times of  the original body weight.

General speaking, meniscus injury level three may consider the meniscus tear arthroscopic surgery, for level one and two are in the conservative treatment range.The meniscus can heal itself without surgery,for the tear not more than 2cm length,and tear in the rich blood supply area,the injury much more have a easy rehabilitation.

Meniscus tear traditional Chinese medicine can increase the function of knee joints,which helps pass through the blood circulation from skin,and heal the meniscus itself completely without surgery.

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How to heal a meniscus tear

Wang Shi plaster has a history of more than three hundred years,which produced  by old Chinese medicine family,and it can heal the meniscus tear naturally without surgery.

Wang Shi plaster is awesome. the knee has good effect in 24 hours for just one stick,I’ve been using it since the sports injuries . I place it on the area of injury and feel it penetrate the skin with soothing relief. I don’t know if it speeds recovery. It feels like it stimulates circulation. What I can say for sure is that it helps to relieve pain and muscles tightness,and I keep up for ten sticks,it is amazing that I can walk and run as normal,it is one of the best medicine for heal a meniscus tear.

chinese herbal medicine for meniscal

One meniscus tears suffer says : This is the best medicine I ever use for meniscal, it removal my pain and heal the meniscus, and I never have knee joint locking since the amazing treatment, the chinese medicine is much more than i expected, I will introduce it to my friends that trouble in meniscus problems.

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About my meniscus tear treatment and remedy experience

Now, I can easily dribbling and put the ball into the basket,this maybe simple for you,But not for me,I am just recovery from a  meniscus tear injury,after less than one month of traditional chinese medicine treatment (just attaching on the knee pain place), I can return to my favorite basketball court again.

traditional chinese medicine

Traditional chinese medicine meniscus tear treatment

Wang Shi plaster is awesome,actually,I can walking and slowly running as normal after 2 days treatment and rehabilitation,I place it on the area of injury and feel it penetrate the skin with soothing relief. I don’t know if it speeds recovery. It feels like it stimulates circulation. What I can say for sure is that it helps to relieve pain and muscles tightness,but in case of repeat injury and get my cartilage rebuilding completely, I took a course of treatment  incessantly to get the meniscus repair. Now I will share with you my meniscus tear treatment experience.

Seven months ago,I played basketball with my friends, I was dribbling and want to dunk, Perfect opportunity,there was a defensive hole,so I was dribbling and Rushed to the basket, Opposing players ran at me in the same time,but there was only basket in my mind, I jumped up and ready to dunk … “pop”,I heard this terrible sound from my right leg knee joint in the air, then my right leg lost consciousness, landing down with left foot and the hip, Sat on the basketball court ,my right knee joint got locked and felt stiffness.My friends took me to the hospital quickly,after a X-ray inspection,there was no any problems of my right knee.But the knee joint began swelling and sore badly,even though unlocked the knee joint,my right leg only movement in small range,the doctor suggested me have a magnetic resonance imaging (also be called MRI).

My meniscus tear treatment experience

We went to the hospital for the MRI inspection result next day,this was a very bad result: Right knee joint effusion,grade 2 anterior horn medial meniscus tear.The doctor suggested me have a meniscus tear surgery.But considering the sequela after the surgery,and the surgical fee was very expensive for me,I chose conservative meniscus tear treatment.

First I search the best meniscus tear remedy tips on the internet,it needed to eliminate swelling and rebuilding cartilage,for a new injury,it is important to rebuilding cartilage as soon as possible,then I bought pills and caplets,one of the functions is lubricating joints,which can heal the knee joint stiffness for me,but the pills can not rebuilding cartilage.Until I find wang shi and it can rebuilding cartilage especially the meniscus,with relief the pain of knee joint, it is the most effective plaster I ever use.This is my mainly meniscus tear treatment experience,it needs time for cartilage rebuilding,just keep on incessantly for a course of treatment. 

Traditional chinese medicine for meniscus tear

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Meniscus tear non surgical treatment solution

The meniscus is one of the most vulnerable part of our body, especially may get injury when in the fierce campaign,which the most prone to meniscus tear,Sometimes we can’t identify meniscal tear,what is worse, some people think it should be have a meniscectomy,however,is there any meniscus tear non surgical treatment solution for the meniscus injuries ?

The specialists on the meniscus in the biomechanical function and carry on a lot of research, more and more aware of the importance of meniscal biomechanical function, that it is so simply for the damage meniscectomy, and it should better repair meniscus, but as a result of the meniscus itself without blood, only in the peripheral blood circulation,  only the edge of the tear meniscus injury after long time cultivation may heal. No blood supply to the zone of injury of meniscus repair after healing is not easy, this is one of the difficult problems for the orthopedic community, the specialist also made a lot of studies on.For the meniscus that blood can not reach , it better can use traditional chinese medicine permeation method of repair the meniscus.

Meniscus regeneration and non surgical treatment

compared with operation treatment or arthroscopic surgery , meniscal regeneration is a more ideal therapy . Begin from nineteen-eighty, as the knee meniscus injury replacement therapy, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other advanced countries as the center, to popularize the use of natural blue shark cartilage powder therapy. Because meniscal regeneration, is the treatment of meniscus injury with suboptimal method. Pure natural Prionace glauca ( i.e., Prionace glauca ) cartilage powder can achieve human cartilage regeneration, from inside the complete realization of meniscal regeneration, has become the advanced state of the new attempt, has in the world have been gradually extended to the clinical. But the therapy selection difficulty, technology demand is high, the price is relatively expensive, it gained widespread popularity as a barrier.which is bad for heal a torn meniscus naturally.

Are you looking for a good surprise meniscus tear non surgical treatment, the traditional chinese medicine for meniscus tear will repair your meniscus forever.

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